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At Synergy Life Science, our goal is simple. Create meaningful, sustainable value for our clients. We are dedicated to excellence in the research, development, and commercialization of novel ingredients, derivatives, delivery systems, consumer products and the complementary services needed to help our clients meet their goals.

  • Patent-Pending Technology & Ingredients

  • Product & Brand Partnerships

  • Licensing Opportunities

  • Formulation Development

  • Contract R&D Services

  • Analytical Testing Services



Our process patent gives us the ability to apply our manufacturing process to all fat-soluble compounds (cannabinoids) of the cannabis plant and our use patents provide us the ability to chemically react all fat-soluble compounds of the cannabis plant to produce our novel derivatives.


Each derivative, of which there is the potential for hundreds, represents a unique, patentable compound with the potential for significant commercial value as a cannabis ingredient.


With an emphasis on high-value, multifunctional and epigenetic ingredients, we maintain a rapidly growing toolbox of life-changing technology and an unwavering commitment to safe, highly efficacious products and ethical, sustainable practices.

  • Actives

  • Esters

  • Functional Ingredients

  • Robust Product Pipeline

  • Patent Pending Status

  • FDA Audited & Approved cGMP Facility

  • FDA ICH Q7a Compliant Manufacturing Facility for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)




A huge leap forward in performance and function, CannaSorb CB Active liquid delivers greatly improved activity and a solubilizing capability not found in traditional cannabis ingredients. As a truly water-soluble compound, it dilutes quickly, easily, and clearly in water at all concentrations. CannaSorb CB Active is also an efficient solubilizer and delivery system for additional functional ingredients, making it an ideal platform for a wide range of advanced products with improved efficacy and increased profitability. 

CannaSorb CB Active is manufactured via our patented, validated process to produce a stable, consistent product free of contaminants.

  • 100% Active

  • Water-Soluble

  • Hemp-Derived

  • Efficient Solubilizer

  • Patent Pending

  • Pending GRAS Approval

  • Third Party Safety-Tested


  • 100% Active

  • 100% Water-Soluble

  • Hugely Increased Activity

  • Dilutes Clear at All Concentrations

  • No Settling or Separating

  • Costs Less

  • No Fillers

  • Improved Bioavailability

  • Improved Absorption

  • Faster Results

  • Efficient Solubilizer

  • Safety and Stability Tested

  • Patent Pending

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