Synergy Life Science is a health & wellness company focused on the development and production of unique, high-quality, natural ingredients to positively impact the health of consumers.  Supporting the food, beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries, we deliver carefully manufactured ingredients and thoughtfully formulated products that meet the highest standards of purity and effectiveness while fully complying with the regulatory standards that govern the industries we serve.  With a current focus on hemp, industry, Synergy Life brings significant development, manufacturing and compliance expertise to a market in need of not only regulation but also safe, effective products supported by science and readily accessible to consumers and product manufacturers.  With care at the core of all we do, each day we strive to create a stronger foundation for the products that you and your family trust.

Meet The Team

Chris Gerlach, CEO

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“Innovation is the centerpiece of progress that drives the heart of our formulations and products we bring to market. We strive to make the world a better place by offering innovative, high purity, and highly efficacious products that help to improve the quality of life for consumers facing a variety of health conditions.”

Richard Jung, CFO

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“I have a passion for our farmers. For the most part, they are literally salt-of-the-earth individuals. You have to use your wits and plan well to play a game of chess with a good number of unpredictable circumstances. I admire their tenacity and the heart-filled desire to work with the temper of Mother Nature.”

Zachary Hudson, COO

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“We aim to be a beacon of purity, compliance, integrity, transparency and support to farmers, consumers and companies.”

Aaron Hudson, VP of Sales

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“Cannabis is now more widely accepted today than any other time in our lifetimes. This acceptance has finally led to the intensive, sanctioned, and funded research that this plant has merited for so long. I am thrilled to be aligned with a team that is focused not on capitalizing on the trend of cannabis products and services, but is fully committed to the research, compliance, and innovation necessary to make a positive impact on not only the cannabis industry, but on the health of our customers.”

Our Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certified, FDA approved production and testing facilities operate at the highest levels of compliance while utilizing 

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) ingredients in all of our formulations and products.

What People Are Saying

Kevin, TN
"I have been taking
anti-anxiety medication for the last five years, but for the last 5 months, I have been off of my medications since starting a daily regimen of Releaf CBD oil. My anxiety has gotten so much better! I’m very thankful I found an alternative solution to address my stress & anxiety."

Marc, NY

"Great product! I began using Releaf’s full-spectrum hemp extract to treat IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). After years of jumping from one prescription medication to the next nothing seemed to work well, however, after several months of using Releaf Extract, I’m noticing a significant improvement. I use 0.75ml once per day and am

very happy to have discovered

Releaf Oils!"

Kathy, ND

An amazing product for bruise care and treatment, puts an end to bruising! This product has been a life-saver! It's gentle, fragrance-free, and works like a charm to help heal bruising. Thank you Skin Health Technology for making what

I think is the most effective, fastest working, and most affordable (dollar for dollar) bruise care and treatment product in the market!