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How to Get Water-Soluble Cannabinoids for Cannabis Sodas and Seltzers

As the popularity of cannabis grows, customers are increasingly searching for novel ways to consume CBD and other cannabinoids. Cannabis-infused beverages provide a significant opportunity for innovative manufacturers and cannabis brands, but formulating these types of products can be difficult.

Synergy Life Science has created a cutting-edge cannabinoid compound, CannaSorb, that has the potential to revolutionize the already-growing drinkable cannabis market. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits and challenges of cannabis soda and seltzer beverage formulation.

A can of seltzer with water bubbles cascading down the sides.

What are Cannabis Drinks?

Simply put, cannabis drinks are beverages infused with cannabinoids, such as CBD. They can come in virtually any form, from cannabis seltzers and cannabis sodas to non-carbonated cannabis juices, cannabis mocktails, and even cannabis hot drinks.

What are the Benefits of Drinkable Cannabis?

Cannabis comes in many forms, each with its own benefits. For customers seeking an approachable, easy-to-use, exact dose of cannabinoids, beverages are an excellent choice.

Consistent Dosing with CBD Beverages

Cannabis-infused beverages offer consumers a consistent dose of their chosen cannabinoid. Each bottle or can contains a set dosage and a tried-and-true balance of cannabinoids and other ingredients. Consistent dosing allows customers to consume their desired amount of cannabinoids and achieve their target results each time.

CBD Drinks are Easy to Use

Cannabis drinks are both consistent in dosage and easy to use. Each container provides users with a single dose of cannabinoids, eliminating the guesswork that comes with many other dosing and consumption methods.

Drinkable CBD is Approachable

Perhaps the most significant benefit of cannabis-infused drinks is that they are approachable for both experienced cannabis consumers and those trying cannabis for the first time. Customers are familiar with drinkable products, and the idea of a seltzer with a low dose of cannabinoids is similar enough to the idea of alcoholic beverages that new customers will feel at ease with the product.

Further, cannabis drinks are usable by a broader range of consumer profiles than many other forms of cannabis. Many individuals are unable or unwilling to use smoked or vaped cannabis products, so a new and exciting form — like cannabis drinks with Synergy Life Science’s CannaSorb — can bring the benefits of cannabis to a larger group of consumers.

What are the Challenges of Formulating Drinkable Cannabis Products?

Despite the benefits of CBD beverages and other types of cannabis drinks, they are notoriously difficult to manufacture for several reasons. Surmounting these obstacles will allow these products to enter an even broader market.

Making CBD Drinks Taste Good

The primary concern in formulating any novelty drink is making it taste pleasant to many people. Many individuals dislike the taste of cannabis, so making a product that does not carry an herbal, bitter, or earthy taste is essential.

Synergy Life Science’s CannaSorb dissolves easily and completely and can therefore be blended with any flavoring to create a wide range of products, from sweet, tart seltzers to rich, complex mocktails.

Formulating CBD Beverages with a Drinkable Texture

Cannabinoids are lipophilic, bonding to fat instead of water. This characteristic of CBD and other cannabinoids has made it challenging to formulate cannabis drinks that are marketable to a broad audience. Consumers understandably do not enjoy drinking oily emulsions or drinks with particulates; these beverages are unpleasant to drink and can result in less exact dosages.

Though truly water-soluble cannabinoids are difficult to formulate, Synergy Life Science has created a 100% dissolvable, 100% active cannabinoid product in our proprietary CannaSorb. This formula dissolves easily and completely in water-based drinks, leaving behind no residue. With CannaSorb, Synergy has opened the door to smooth, widely appealing cannabis drinks.

CBD Beverages are Highly Bioavailable

Many forms of CBD and other cannabinoids are very difficult for the body to absorb, often leading to much lower efficacy and dose than advertised. This mismatch is due in part to the fact that cannabinoids are lipophilic; the human body is made up of mostly water.

Cannabis drinks made with water-soluble CBD, like CannaSorb, are therefore much more highly bioavailable than many other forms of the same cannabinoids. Because CannaSorb dissolves completely in water, it is easy for the body to absorb and use. With CannaSorb, manufacturers can create products that allow their customers to fully experience the benefits of cannabinoids like never before.

Sourcing Ingredients for Cannabinoid Sodas

Synergy Life Science is the only place to access our proprietary CannaSob compound, one of the first truly water-soluble CBD formulations. We are proud to help innovative cannabis product formulators bring the industry forward through our groundbreaking technology.

Contact us today to learn more about our product lines or request a CannaSorb sample.

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